3 Days – 2 Nights

Lake Titicaca, regarded as the highest navigable lake in the world (3850 m) is located to the east of the city of La Paz. The ancient cultures that settled around it called it „The Sacred Lake“, because its waters were vital for their survival. Copacabana is at present one of the most populated centres on the shores of the lake. One and a half hours by boat from Copacabana is the beautiful Island of the Sun, which owes its importance to the pre-Columbian archaeological ruins that are scattered over the island. In addition according to legend this island is considered as the cradle of the Inca Empire


1st Day:

The tour begins at 7:30 when you are picked up from your hotel (only down town hotels). Then we head to Copacabana arriving at 11:45. After checking into our hotel and having lunch we go on a city tour and visit the Basilica of Copacabana and climb up the Calvary Steps. At the top you enjoy the sunset.

2nd Day:

At 08:30 after breakfast we head to the northern part of the Island of the Sun in a local boat. After 2 hours travel we arrive at the village of Challapampa and start a 4 hour walk towards the south of the island. On the way we see an unequaled landscape of the lake and mountains. After 45 minutes walking we get to Chincana (archeological ruins) where the Sacred Rock is located. Legend says that from this Rock the founders of the Incan Empire, Mama O’cllo and Manco Cápac were born.
At 12:30 we have something to eat and we continue our walk for two more hours and at 15:00 we arrive in Yumani. After the check-in at the hotel we have dinner and stay overnight.

3rd Day:

At 08:30 we head off to see the Stairs of Yumani and the Fountain of Inca Youth. Afterwards we walk for 45 minutes to the Palace of Pilcocaina. At 10:30 we leave in the boat for Copacabana. Finally at 13:30 we return to La Paz or you can go to Puno.

  • Shared tourist bus
  • Entrance tickets
  • 2 nights accommodation
  • Meals *(breackfast and dinner
  • Private  English-Spanish guide

Budget: Bs. 250



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